“SPR shares are up strongly since new CEO Larry Lawson’s arrival, a pattern we’ve seen elsewhere in the industry whenever investors seem to believe that a management change is the best possible catalyst for a turnaround in performance. – Barclays, 8/13/13

“SPR stock is up over 160% since Larry Lawson was named president and CEO of the company on March 19, 2013 effective April 6, 2013. Sentiment for SPR has improved as the company focused on controlling costs, generating positive free cash flow, and divesting the problematic G650 and G280 wing programs in Tulsa. In our view, market expectation for performance is now significantly higher for SPR than with the previous management team. – BAML, 4/30/15

“Over the past three years SPR, under the leadership of CEO Larry Lawson, has dramatically turned around the business. – Wolfe, 4/29/16

“SPR has returned nearly 200% since naming Larry Lawson CEO in March 2013 vs. nearly 40% for the S&P 500…” – JP Morgan, 7/14/15

“Simply put, shareholders love Larry Lawson. Why? Probably because he delivers results and that’s almost all that shareholders care about.” – Barclays, 6/9/16

“[H]e is a tough change agent with unrelenting demands on performance improvements. As such, we’re beginning to conclude that he might be just what SPR always needed.” – Barclays, 12/18/13